Corrosion of steel structures is a mammoth problem faced by the industry and the infrastructure .Conventional method of protection of steel structures ivolves organic coatings like epoxies and polyurethane systems with inhibitives pigments like chromates & phosphates .These systems protect the steel mostly by virtue of being barrier in nature.

The Disadvantages of the Conventional Systems are:

  • Corrosion initiates at pinholes ,scratches  and dents.
  • Involves heavy metals and environmentally hazardous ingredients

Existing Comparable Technologies:

Epoxy And PU coatings:

  • Existing coatings for steel structures like epoxies and PU compounds have inherent pin holes. Further there is always a possibility that the coating can get scratched or damaged for a period of time.
  • Zerokorr has a unique ability to physical heal the pin holes by forming stable oxides in the pinholes and probable scratches.
  • Cost of Zerokorr is on par with the existing PU and epoxy coatings available in the market. By virtue of its self healing property, Zerokorr offers major benefits.


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