Corrosion Impeding Admixture for Cement

  • SEPOCEM is a corrosion inhibiting additive which is added to cement at the manufacturing stage.
  • It imparts significant corrosion resisting properties to ordinary cement.
  • It is compatible with all types of cements like OPC and PPC without altering the basic properties of cement.



  • It is an integral part of cement. Hence ensures uniform corrosion protection throughout the concrete matrix.
  • Penetrates towards rebar over a prolonged period and arrests corrosion of rusting steel.
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly.
  • Nitrite and chromate free.
  • Effective even in the presence of high amount of chlorides.
  • Does not affect bond strength of new concrete to reinforcement bars.
  • Does not entrain air.
  • Improves physical characteristics of concrete/mortar or concrete.


Bipolar Corrosion Inhibitor for Steel Rebars

  • Fe Protekt 100 retards the rate of corrosion and ensures that the rebars are corrosion free till they are used in construction.
  • Normally rebars tend to corrode even before they are used in construction. These rebars then corrode at a faster rate later.
  • Since rebars treated with Fe Protekt 100 are corrosion free tiil they are actually embedded in concrete, they will then corrode at a much slower rate.
  • Ideal for steel maufacturers, dealers and contractors who have stocks of steel rebars and need protection.