A Unique Solution for Maintaining the integrity of Exixting RCC Structure

POWRTHROW is a corrosion inhibiting powder admixture which is added to concrete in green stage and imparts significant corrosion resisting properties to the concrete. It is compatible with all types of cements like OPC and PPC without affecting any other property of concrete. POWRTHROW has a high vapour pressure. These vapours have an affinity towards the embedded steel rebars and they traverse through the densest concrete to reach the rebars and form a monomolecular ionic layer on the rebars. This layer effectively breaks the cycle of corrosion by inhibiting the corrosion at both the poles, anodic and cathodic simultaneously.

Existing Comparable Technologies:

  • There is no exiting technology which is similar to Powrthrow.
  • Powrthrow is a globally patented technology and presently there is no product which is equivalent to it.
  • However it is estimated that it will save at least 2 repair cycles and the saving in cost would be substantial.


  • It is an integral part of concrete. Hence ensures uniform corrosion protection throughout the Penetrates towards rebar over a prolonged period and arrests corrosion of rusting steel.
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly.
  • Nitrite and chromate free.
  • Effective even in the presence of high amount of chlorides.
  • Does not affect bond strength of concrete and reinforcement bars.
  • Does not entrain air.
  • Does not affect mechanical strength characteristics of concrete/mortar.
  • Increases life of structures…
  • Even in Extreme Marine Conditions!…
  • Ensures Structures Fulfill Their Design Life…
  • Becomes Integral Part of Concrete – Ensures Quality!

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