EPCO KP-200 is a ConcretePenetrating Corrosion Inhibiting
Admixture (CPCIA) designed for protecting the reinforcement bars in concrete against chlorides and contaminants.EPCO KP-200 is a bipolarcorrosion inhibitor, a product ofactive research a IIT Bombay. It has been successfully used for the past 15 years.

Existing Comparable Technologies:

1.Other Corrosion Inhibitors:

Compared to other available corrosion inhibitors available in the same price bracket, EPCO Kp-200 has a much superior performance as it is Bipolar and forms a 20micron thick monomolecular layer having a covalent bond with the rebars which is a unique property.

  1. Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) coated rebars:

Firstly, this is very costly and a tedious process as it involves lot of handling and logistics.

Secondly, there is possibility that the coating may get damaged or scratched during cutting and bending of rebars. In these damaged areas pitting corrosion occurs which is even more detrimental than normal corrosion. All these issues are irrelevant in case of EPCO KP-200 which provides total protection to the rebars. EPCO KP-200 is therefore a cheaper and better alternative to FBE coated rebars.


No adverse effect on any property of concrete.
Compatible with all varieties of cements.
Significantly reduces the rate of corrosion even in the presence of chlorides.
Conforms to ASTM G109 and JIS standards.

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